More pics from Pierrefonds 20/04
Here are some more lovely pics I took on 20th. Reblog/repost/tranship permitted so needn't to ask me one by one, just take them if you like :)

Two boys were taking rest

Taking to each other

And playing :)  - Bredley wanted to pick sth up from lawn by his sword and Colin was watching

Colin in break


Arthur in fight

Blindfold Arthur

Pierrefonds, 20/04, the last day of shooting
All the story today happened on the lawn. The first scene was a dialogue between Merlin and Gaius while watching the practice between Arthur and his knights. And then another dialogue between Arthur and Merlin during the break of practice, it seems that Arthur has laughed at Merlin's forceless.....poor Merlin.

The process went smoothly today and everyone looks kind of lighthearted. Bredley looks soooooo cool and shining when he drove at the knights with sword, especially when he was blindfold! I could hardly move my eyes from him, seems Colin could neither :)

A lovely story happened when Bredley got a break from shooting the fight (he looked tired because of this strenuous exercise). Colin went forward to him and took over his sword, and then......smoothed down Bredley's hair (by hand! someone asked me if C was using sword to of course, I think C won't do anything might hurt B) in a very short time!!! I didn't take photo of that moment because it was too sudden and I was totally shocked by this tender movement........

And during another break, Colin sat at his place in series while Bredley stood at his position in series as well, there are around 5 meters between the two boys but they were still keep talking/gesticulating. Colin pretended to dart a small stick to Bredley. And then Bredley immediately pretended to be hit in the chest, pressed his heart and started to fall. Colin started to chortle with mirth after seeing Bredley's excellent performance. Haha, yes! What a cute reaction XDD

Post here some other beautiful pics I have got today (sorry, didn't see the others except Bredley, Colin and Richard). Feel a little sad since it is the last day of shooting, cannot wait for June anymore!

What a sweet smile!!!

Two of them

pic credit: Do-un

Were they looking at my camera?????

Look Richard eats banana, so cute, haha!

Pierrefonds Monday 19/04
Hello everyone,

I have been to the castle again even thought it was closed today, to see what kind of chance I can get. Unfortunately they shot in the castle so I could do nothing but wait outside.  But still I have seen Colin, Katie, Angel (those three came by the same car, Colin sat besides the driver and girls were on the back), Richard and Anthony (those two in another car). Bredley was already inside when I arrived and I didn't see him out until I left (2pm). But I still have taken few pictures (very little chance) including one of Katie.

However, I have got a good news from the crew I was talking with!! The group will back Pierrefonds on the 3rd of June and will stay there for around 4 weeks.  I think we can take his words and keep checking the castle's website to confirm.

Another good news is they gonna shoot scenes on the lawn tomorrow afternoon, which means people can watch the whole process again. There may be a dialogue among Arthur, Merlin and probably Gaius while the background is knights in training. Good to know that and I will be there for sure and will post pictures as soon as I can :)


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